Transform your complex designs into custom CNC machined parts in consistent quality in the field of the oil and natural gas sector

In view of its inherent features, the oil and gas industry always demands highly robust precision components that can withstand harsh working and external conditions. Prime Gear & Machine has recognized that and consistently pursues the demanding durability, tolerance, and reliability required in this field. We are delighted to face and tackle all of the challenges and committed to making high-quality parts that can be used in the most challenging tasks.

With the rapid development of technology and growing demands in the oil and energy industry, we continuously forge ahead to meet our clients’ needs and help them boost their business with our agile supply chain and state-of-the-art CNC machining services. Paired with our exceptional CNC machining equipment, our skilled engineers and machinists are ready to work with you closely to produce machined parts and components for offshore rigs, pipelines, and drilling equipment. Products fabricated from Prime Gear & Machine can be found in massive oil and gas applications, such as refinery distribution networks and refined product delivery systems. Our mission is always to keep innovation and develop new technologies to promote the industry and benefit our customers mostly.

Benefits of Precision Machining to Oil Industries

The reason why components applied in oil and gas equipment typically tend to be built with strict standards and specifications is that they must be subjected to unexpected situations and potentially dangerous compounds like high temperature or pressure and corrosive chemicals. Even a slight variation in the size or shape of a part may affect its features and performance, which could pose threat to human or operation safety in turn. Thus it can be seen that precision CNC machining plays a crucial role in the oil industries.

The benefits of CNC machining can be shown in the following aspects:

The tools and components employed in the oil and gas industry are generally function-specific. Some typical cases are nuts types, washers, adapters, stiffeners, connectors, and elastic nipples. These parts processed via CNC machining have incredible accuracy so as to assure the smooth implementation of the tasks.

The machinery in the oil and gas industry is typically used to conduct the most rigorous tasks, so they need to be mounted with high-quality parts to fit the earmarked delivery. Precision CNC machining can provide heavy machinery with high-quality parts, for instance, hydraulic components, spacers, and tri-cone drill bit parts.

The oil and gas industry needs to supply citizens with necessities. Hence, equipment and tools must be always ready to deal with products of intense demand. Parts made from precision CNC machining can be available in the required quality every time, ensuring a quick turnaround even if there are challenging tasks every single day.

Several pieces of equipment in the oil and gas industries can be reused rather than disposable. CNC machining services including drilling, internal threading, deburring, tapping, and other post-processing operations, can help recycle some parts so as to save high costs from purchase.

In the past, several cases of errors in imported parts are easy to happen and the coupling of parts was a problem. They have to turn to machine shops to handle such cases. But now, these mismatches can be eliminated with precision CNC machining. In addition, modern CNC machine shops offering precision CNC machining services present possibilities and convenience to the engineers in the oil and gas sector, making their work easier.

A CNC machine follows the instruction of a computer to execute the operating processes in a preprogrammed pattern, which ensures the exact size, geometry, and tolerance of the product are created to the same specifications needed by clients. So accurate are these parts made that their tolerances are as low as 0.0005 inches.

Experts at Runsom have recognized these essential demands in the oil and gas industry. They master the comprehensive knowledge of CNC machining for the oil industry paired with the assurance of high precision offered by top-notch CNC machines.

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