How to properly maintain CNC machines?

Regular maintenance of CNC machines makes the machine always have good technical features, reducing the wear and tear of parts. In addition, timely prevent and detect technical errors and deviations to overcome in order to ensure continuous and uninterrupted production process.
Before progess maintenance, check the overall working operation of the machine, assess the condition of the machine, and offer the optimal maintenance plan.

Daily – Check coolant level every 8 hours

Check the oil level in the lubricating oil tank.
Clean chips in contour and tray.
Clean the spindle cone with clean oil and light oil.
Clean chips from the tool changer.
Check parameters through the main shaft cooling oil filter.
Clean or replace machine parts if necessary.

Weekly – Check filter/pressure regulator automatic discharge operation

On machines with the TSC option, clean the chips on the coolant tank.
Clean the barrel lid and remove the residue in the barrel. Carefully remove the coolant pump from the control unit and cut off the power before working on the coolant tank.
Check the pneumatic regulator at 85 psi. Check the gas pressure regulation at 17psi. For 15k
Spindle machines, check the spindle gas pressure regulation at 20psi.
Clean exterior surfaces with a gentle wipe.
Do not use solvents as this may cause the coating to peel off.

Monthly – Check the hydraulic pressure balance of the machine

Check the oil level in the transmission.
General inspection for proper machine operation and light oiling, if necessary.
Apply a thin layer of grease to the outside of the machine guide belts and the tools.

Every six months

Replace the coolant and clean the coolant tank.
Check all hoses and lubricating lines for cracks.


Change the transmission oil, drain the oil from the bottom of the gearbox, remove the main shaft end check cap.
Add more oil until it begins to drip from the spill tube at the bottom of the container.
Check the oil filter and clean all dirt at the bottom of the oil filter.
Replace the air filter on the control box every 2 years
Check SMTC oil level through the eyepiece.

Results To Be Achieved After CNC Machine Maintenance

The machine works well, ensuring safety and stability according to technical standards, reducing electrical energy consumption.
The control system works stably, reduces the temperature generated during operation, thereby increasing the life of components, ensuring control accuracy.
The mechanical mechanism operates smoothly, reducing friction between the moving mechanisms.
Increase the working life of the machine, reduce repair costs.
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